Thermal insulation & water-proof coating Insumax


INSUMAX Insulation and Water-proof Paint is produced under American technology from vacuum microspheres which has very low thermal conductivity. INSUMAX enables you to deal with water-proofing and thermal insulation at the same time with the durability under all weather conditions.


INSUMAX can be used for thermal insulation and water-proof purpose on:

  • Metal or brick roof, concrete wall, terrace,… of: dwelling house, factory, school, hospital, department store, warehouse, hotel, gymnasium, iron sheet house, container house and wooden house…
  • Water storage tank, oil storage tank, oil field, animal industry, cold storage house, oil pipe and insulating pipe…
  • Bus, small bus, water-craft, vending machine…
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.


  • Very low thermal conductivity which provides efficient thermal insulation capacity.
  • Excellent water-proof which protects roof and wall under all weather.
  • Play role as a good sealant to the rooftops.
  • Protect rooftops out of damage thanks to chemical resistance.
  • Dry coating film with high hardness feature and dirt pick up resistance.
  • Good washability.
  • Sound damping when raining.
  • Good bonding to almost surfaces: concrete, metal, wood…
  • Lightweight coating, not affect to the load of structure.
  • Water based, environmental friendly.
  • No heavy metals and hazardous substances.
  • Durability under all climates, including coastals.
  • All applying methods can be used: brush, roller or spray.
  • Coating application does not affect activities inside.


Comparison between with and without INSUMAX coated metal roof exposed to sunlight at noon:

ComparisonBare roofWith INSUMAXTemperature difference
Underneath roof 68oC43oC25oC


  • The temperature is measured in common industrial workshop conditions
  • Dry film thickness = 0.3mm


BaseWater-based acrylicpH7.0 – 8.0
Volume solid content62  –  64% (v/v)ColorWhite Custom tinting upon request
Wet weight0.74 –  0.76 (kg/l)Coating per 1 liter

* DFT:Dry Film Thickness
2.10 m2, DFT(*) = 0.3 mm

1.26 m2, DFT(*) = 0.5 mm

Test results of INSUMAX (American standards (ASTM) and Japanese standards (JIS))

Thermal conductivity (k)ASTM C518-150.0808 (W/m.K)
Drying timeJIS K 5960:19930.2h (12 minutes)
AdhesionASTM 3359-97100% adhesion
Pencil hardnessASTM 3363-003.5N
Resistance to the effect of rapid deformationASTM 2794-93Dry film stands without destruction when load of 1 kg falls from height of 94 cm.
Bending strengthASTM 522-93aStand without destruction at min cone diameter of 3.2mm
Heat resistance of paint (at 110 oC for 24 hrs)ASTM D2485-91No blistering, no cracking and no loss of adhesion. No cracking when blending.
Film- formability at low temperature (5oC)JIS K 5960: 1993No unsualness in film formation.
WashabilityJIS K 5960: 1993Durable for 500 times washing.
Water resistanceJIS K 5960: 1993The sample is free from abnormality even when immersed in water for 96 hours.
Alkali resistanceJIS K 5960: 1993The sample is free from abnormality even when immersed in saturated solution Ca(OH)2 for 48 hours.
Salt resistanceJIS K 5400 : 1990 JIS K5600-6-2:1999The coating film is free from abnormality even when immersed in salt solution 3% for 96 hours
Acid resistanceJIS K5400:1990No blistering after immersing in sulfuric acid solution 5% for 24 hours
Lead (Pb) content, mg/kgASTM F963Not detected
Mercury (Hg) content, mg/kgASTM F963Not detected
Arsenic (As) content, mg/kgASTM F963Not detected
Cadmium(Cd) content, mg/kgASTM F963Not detected


Surface preparation

Metal roof
  • Remove any loose matter.
  • Clean dirt, dust, oil and mould with water.
  • Fix hole or crack with compatible paste, sealant.
  • If surface is heavy rust, apply anti-rust Primer RS before apply InsuMax coating.
  • If surface is new, use a light vinagar with water to washout oil and protective compound from the surface.
Concrete wall
–  Old wall
  • Remove loose matter.
  • Fix hole or crack with compatible mastic.
  • –  New wall
  • Let the concrete wall completely cured and dried. (Normally concrete curing time 20 days)
  • Applying suitable mastic when needed. Sanding by sand paper.

INSUMAX preparation

  • Stir the paint thoroughly.
  • Dilute with water if needed but not exceed 5%.


  • Brush, roller or air spray.
  • First layer: thin (less than 150 micron)
  • Second layer: thick, followed the first dried layer, (normally 1 hour in sunny day).
  • 2.1m2 coated per one liter, equivalent to dry film thickness of 300 microns.
  • Notice: area of corrugated is always larger than plan (flat), so actual coating area = corrugated iron profile x extended coefficient.

Tool cleaning

  • Empty hose and nozzle, fill with water and spray until clean.
  • Use up remaining paint on roller or brush, wash completely. For the next use, soak roller or brush in water to prevent from drying.


  • First in – first out basis (FIFO).
  • Keep container closed while not in use.
  • Store in dry and well ventilated condition, avoid direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Shelf-life: 36 months.


  • 17 liter pail
  • 5 liter pail


  • Non-hazardous components to the environment and health.
  • Product is non-flammable and non-explosive.

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